It’s a Wing Thing at El Camino Cantina

Hold onto your sombreros, because until November 5th, El Camino Cantina is here to declare: “it’s a Wing Thing!” If you’ve got a soft spot for lip-smacking, mouth-watering wings of deliciousness, this is your time to shine.

A Saucy Affair Like Never Before

We’re not just serving up your run-of-the-mill wings; we’re taking the beloved chicken wing to new heights with six cluckin’ good sauces! Be warned: you might have to arm-wrestle your buddies for the last drop of your chosen sauce. Let’s meet our saucy stars:

Hennessy Honey Glaze: let your taste buds be swept off their feet by Hennessy Honey Glaze – a sweet and sticky sauce that’ll have you licking it right off your fingers!

Satay: take an irresistible journey to the exotic with Satay. A nutty, savoury twist that’s like a culinary adventure right at your Tex-Mex table.

Thai Green Curry: embark on a flavorful voyage with Thai Green Curry, a burst of exotic spices that transports you to Thailand’s bustling streets. It’s a zesty escapade; can someone say “sawadee-yum!”

Honey-Mustard: Honey-Mustard is the perfect fusion of classic and creativity. A timeless combination of honey and mustard with a tangy twist.

Maple-Bourbon BBQ: a journey to the American South, Maple-Bourbon BBQ is smoky-sweet perfection in every bite. The warmth of maple syrup and the richness of bourbon create a robust flavour that’s purely delicious.

Korean: brace yourself for a fiery fusion of flavours in Korean sauce. It’s bold, savoury, and wholly addictive!

How Do You Like Your Wings?

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of boneless bites, a lover of the classic Southern-fried perfection, or perhaps feeling a tad health-conscious and leaning toward cauliflower winglets, we’ve got you covered, and we’re bringing the heat with every single bite.

$19 for 10X Boneless Wings with your choice of one sauce
$19 for 10X Southern Fried Wings with your choice of one sauce
$18 for 10X Cauliflower Winglets with your choice of one sauce

Round Up Your Amigos to El Camino – It’s a Flavour Fiesta!

So, round up your crew, gather your amigos, and prepare for a fiesta so good that it’ll have you crowing! Don’t even think about chickening out; this limited-time rodeo of mouthwatering goodness is a must-do experience. Reserve your table at El Camino today, and let’s wing it to win it! Your taste buds will thank you, your cravings will rejoice, and you’ll have a wingding of a time you won’t soon forget. Come hungry, leave happy!


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